Interpreter Hub Rafiky: we will open 50 by the end of 2020

Our mission is to bring simultaneous translation everywhere to break down language barriers in all those situations where an interpreter is needed. Our collaborators are trained and professional people who are dedicated to customer needs in an always impeccable way. Just to help them do their job better and offer excellent service, we decided to open the Hub Rafiky interpreter on Italian territory. These welcome our translators and give them the tools they need to work in compliance with the high standards we require.

Distance translation is the winning solution

An interpreting service is fundamental in different situations, no matter they are the events involved in presence or at a distance. Professional translation is indispensable in: meetings, congresses, conferences, webinars, guided tours, trade fairs and much more. If you have already had the opportunity to dedicate yourself to organizing an event in which international guests take part, which does not speak the same language, you know that it is not easy to prepare everything for a simultaneous translation. You need to rent several devices that can greatly increase the cost, but with us at Rafiky it’s all easier.

By choosing us you can take advantage of our online platform for simultaneous translation; to exploit all its potential, each participant in the meeting must have only one device capable of connecting to the network (PC, tablet, or smartphone) and a pair of headphones. Rafiky offers an interpretation service wherever you want, with our interpreters who can translate 200 languages. The interface of our application is very simple to use and you can have a professional result, without bugs or glitches, by clearly listening to the sound of the voice and seeing the video in high definition.

We are constantly improving our service: our latest innovation is the Rafiky Interpreter Hubs which will allow you to have an ever better translation while facilitating the work of our collaborators.

Rafiky Interpreter Hubs help translators in their work

To provide an always optimal remote interpreting service, we want to allow all our interpreters to work at their best, which is why we decided to create Interpreter Hub Rafiky. We want to enhance the talent even of those who do not have cutting-edge hardware at home or do not have an efficient connection; in this case just go to a Rafiky point in your city and have everything you need to be able to translate.

To date we have 10 Interpreter Hub Rafiky most of which are located between Milan and Rome but there are also others in: Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. For the end of 2020, we are expecting to expand our presence with the opening of 50 Hubs to guarantee total coverage of the Italian territory. We are working to improve ourselves and give the opportunity for many translators to collaborate with us.