Technology has revolutionized the way of interpreting.
If before the interpreters were forced to work in the place where the event took place , today an Internet connection is enough to realize a simultaneous remote transmission.
Especially in this period of health emergency and social distancing, this type of interpreting has become indispensable to say the least.
In this article we will see what remote simultaneous translation is, and above all what are the advantages compared to the classic interpreting.

Simultaneous remote translation is nothing more than the evolution of classic interpreting.
In practice, a remote interpreting agency such as Rafiky offers a service in which the interpreters work from home or in their office, and not in the place where the event takes place.
The interpreting service can be provided in different ways. One of these is VRI (video remote interpreting), an acronym used to identify systems that manage audio and video.
To use the service, the public must have: • a PC / tablet / smartphone • a good Internet connection • a pair of headphones, or an application owned by the interpreting agency


The money spent on travel, accommodation and technical equipment, the time it takes to move from one place to another, make the classic interpreting rather expensive. With remote interpretation, however, you can enjoy an excellent translation directly at home. Thanks to Rafiky you can reduce costs starting from 50 to 80%, without sacrificing the quality of the service.
No booths, no bulky hardware: all you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone. 2- A TRANSLATION SUITABLE FOR ALL NEEDS Simultaneous remote translations are suitable for any type of event (conferences, webinars, workshops, meetings, fairs, guided tours …)
In particular, Rafiky’s software can be integrated with highly reliable programs, such as Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting and Zoom, to guarantee the best possible service to the public.


By choosing a remote interpreting agency, you have more opportunities to find rare languages or uncommon language combinations in the place where you are. Rafiky meets your needs, which is why it guarantees translations from and into more than 200 languages. Finding the right language combination has never been easier!

4- THE BEST INTERPRETERS IN THE WORLD WITHIN A CLICK With simultaneous remote translations, there is no need for interpreters to be in your own country. In fact, you can choose the most expert interpreters in a given sector at any time, even if they live on the other side of the world. Furthermore, thanks to Rafiky’s software, you can communicate directly with your interpreter thanks to Live Chat. A way to always feel part of the event.

5- REMOTE TRANSLATION IS AN ECO-SUSTAINABLE ACTIVITY Since interpreters do not need to travel, and since there is no need to send bulky equipment to the event locations, remote interpreting is the best solution to respect the environment. Rafiky has eco-sustainability very much at heart, which is why he plants a tree for every order he receives. A truly precious gesture for the environment.
You have just discovered the 5 benefits of simultaneous remote translation. And Rafiky, thanks to its services, is able to offer you all these advantages.
Rafiky is the remote interpreting agency that meets the needs of an increasingly interconnected world. For this reason, it offers customers a service equal to traditional, if not even higher, interpreting.
If you are organizing an event, and want to save money, choose the best interpreters, and respect the environment, Rafiky is for you!