The world of instant remote interpretation in a smartphone

When we talk about remote interpretation, we are talking about a sector in full evolution and ready to widen the professional and commercial horizons for those who work directly in this field. Deciding to talk about it in the epoch of covid 19, when unfortunately there are many activities that have had to stop and numerous professionals forced to remain on stand by, waiting for everything to gradually restart its normalcy, was the theme at the center of a very popular webinar promoted by  Aiti  (Italian Translators and Interpreters Association).

And Aiti would like to thank you very much for having decided, even in such a delicate phase, to offer your associates a moment to think together with Rafiky, on the present and future of a profession that has all the prospects for continuing to grow. and to enhance the professionalism of remote interpreting.

The world of interpreting, and in particular of remote interpreting, which has always gathered professionalism and excellence appreciated and fundamental for those who operate on an international scale and with transversal vocations, is instead ready to start again, on the contrary, in some aspects has never stopped.

Rafiky and the new frontiers of simultaneous remote interpreting

But what is Rafiky and why can it represent an opportunity both for interpreters and for all those who need to rely on their precious work?

Rafiky is a platform that provides remote interpreting services. Forget costs, logistics, transport and organizational costs. For interpreters, this means being able to work from wherever you are without having to move. For those who require the collaboration of one or more interpreters, it means being able to access the quality of certified services at decidedly reduced and extremely advantageous costs. Thanks to Rafiky and its remote interpreting platform, the costs for companies can drop up to 50% of the expense that usually has to be incurred to use the same level of services. All this thanks to a network of interpreters capable of covering up to 200 languages.

Accessing the world of Rafiky is simple and immediate: simply download an app to become part of a network in continuous growth and destined to change the world of simultaneous remote interpreting.

In an era ready to rely on technology to replace people, there are those like Rafiky who have chosen to focus on people and their skills and exploit the great potential of technology to grow opportunities and jobs. Join the Rafiky network and simultaneous remote interpreting, and find out how easy it is to finally give value to your skills.