A quote on interpreting services? From today it is immediate!

You are preparing the budget for your event, but you have no idea how much interpreting services will cost you. To get a quote, contact your interpreting agency by email or through the site’s contact form, but you must wait at least 24 hours to receive an answer. First stop. Postpone the finalization of the budget until tomorrow, if all goes well.

What if it’s not like that anymore?

From today, by consulting the website, you will no longer have to wait! The Rafiky team launches the first instant quote request form for remote interpreting services. By filling out the new online form, you will receive an immediate response. Just enter the required data (number of participants, event hours and languages) and the cost of the requested services will be automatically calculated by the system. Not only will you no longer have to postpone the completion of your work checklist to the next day, but you will also be able to do various tests to find out what can actually fit into your budget.

Compare the costs of remote interpreting services with a click

The interpreting agency offers various solutions, which vary not only based on the characteristics of your event, but also on your financial resources. Rafiky’s offer in fact counts on a wide selection of interpreters, who can provide simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage or even video interpreting services. If you also need to rent the technical equipment to accompany the Rafiky software, the options range from the light Bidule system, the tour guide system composed only of pocket receivers to Radio frequencies, to the standard Digital system with infrared receivers. Both systems can be safely connected to a laptop where the actual interpreting takes place.

The list is certainly not exhaustive, and the variables are many, all obviously characterized by different costs and performances. But with the new instant quote request form, you can immediately get an idea about the cost of the various solutions, and you can therefore reflect on your needs even before you get in direct contact with the Rafiky team. A considerable gain in terms of time, isn’t it?

The remote interpreting agency that stands out for its costumer care

Clearly the automatic quote will then be discussed and validated by the Rafiky staff, who with his great professionalism will also help you determine if the solution you have chosen is truly the one that best suits your needs.

Rafiky is already a reference company among interpreting agencies, not only for the very high quality of its software, entirely developed in-house, but also for the particular attention paid to taking care of its customers. With the new instant quote request form, Rafiky once again proves to be a step forward in the field of technological innovation, an essential tool for finding the most useful solutions for the customer. With this cutting-edge quote request service, unique in the interpreting sector in Italy, Rafiky becomes truly operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t delay any longer, take advantage of it now!