Remote Simultaneous Interpreting: Your Perfect Solution for Your Perfect Conference

After a long search, you have finally found the perfect conference hall for your event: perfect size, perfect location, perfect price! You are about to sign the rental agreement when you suddenly realise that there are no interpretation booths in the room. Deal vanished and beginning of a new long search? Or should you start looking for an interpretation agency that rents booths, headphones, consoles?
None of the above! Today there is a third way and it is called “Remote Simultaneous Interpreting”.

With remote simultaneous interpreting, the service that uses the power of the cloud and advanced technologies to bring the interpreters to your venue, worrying about interpreting booths will soon become a forgotten habit for event organisers. Especially in the case of mobile booths, you will not miss how they unavoidably end up spoiling the nice set-up of the room you had so carefully conceived. Your conference hall will now look more spacious and elegant without the bulky installations.

Bye-bye booths. Welcome Remote Simultaneous Interpreting!

With remote simultaneous interpreting, you will say goodbye to the booths and to the pricey bills that come with them. You will also finally say stop to the difficult compromises made when you do not have enough booths for all the languages you had planned to offer to your guests. With remote simultaneous interpreting, all possible language combinations can be offered without occupying any additional centimetre of your room.

To make things even easier for yourself, you might also be able to skip the bothersome distribution of headphones to the audience, with the related registration and collection of equipment at the end of the event, by asking people to simply download the Rafiky app on their phones and use their own earbuds to listen to the interpreters in streaming. Who hasn’t always got a set of earbuds in the pocket nowadays anyway? The Rafiky app for remote simultaneous interpreting provides great video and audio quality, and your participants will not hear the difference compared with any on-site interpreting service.

Good old quality, new solutions.

If you are still not convinced about remote simultaneous interpreting, think of that time when one of the interpreters you had hired for that important event did not show up for some reason. You had to work with only one of them, stretching him/her out to the limit, as you could not find another interpreter ready to travel to your location immediately. But this problem can be solved in no time if you are using remote simultaneous interpreting, since finding another interpreter that just needs a laptop and an internet access to work with you no matter where he or she is based, is obviously much easier. How many headaches and moments of panic you will save yourself!

As you can see, remote simultaneous interpreting offers the same excellent interpreting service provided by onsite interpreters, plus a set of innovative solutions to those complications that come with traditional interpreting. Give remote simultaneous interpreting by Rafiky a try for your next event, and do not give your perfect location up just because it has no interpreting booths.