Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Give a boost to any event or meeting with Rafiky! 

Why do we need bulky hardware, when technology allows us to get the same quality of service with few clicks? Get Rafiky Software for remote simultaneous interpretation. You simply need a laptop and a smartphone (or a tablet).

What is Rafiky?

Rafiky is a flexible, scalable and premium cloud interpreting platform for any kind of event, conferences or meeting.

Why you should choose Rafiky?


Push the Wow Factor Button! Our Solution will impress your guests!


We can can offer up to 120 languages to your audience anytime, anywhere!


Reduce your costs by +50% without compromising on quality. No need for equipment or to fly interpreters around the world.


Enjoy the best solution in the market that provides crystal-clear audio and high definition video streaming.


Thousands of attendees can participate in your event from anywhere.


Our Technical Support Team always available remotely or on-site before and during all your events.


The easy to use app provides a seamless experience for event and meeting attendees.


Now your interpreters can work for you remotely! Select the best interpreters in the world! 

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Through Rafiky’s platform, interpreters can work from anywhere, removing the need for event organizers to hire and deploy specialized hardware, interpreting booths or pay for interpreters’ travel and accommodation expenses.

Event attendees can enjoy conference-level interpreting by listening to the language of their choice in crystal-clear audio through the Rafiky app or through radio headsets.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Rafiky is a mobile system that fully replaces audio streaming hardware for live events. With only a laptop and internet access, any kind of audio can stream to listeners’ phones or tablets via our mobile app.

Rafiky’s flexible remote simultaneous interpretation solutions are designed for events of any format and any size.

Take attendees experience to the next level!

  • +100 Customer Stories 
  • +1.5K Events
  • +120 Languages

Success Stories

We turned to Rafiky to avoid the costs of the technical equipment and the installation times it requires. We couldn’t be happier. The system is infallible and the quality is excellent. We got in touch with the interpreter in a few seconds, without having any connection problems during each conference.

Angel. W

I’ve had the chance to work with Rafiky’s team for a year. They were very helpful explaining how the software works and how I could get in touch with the interpreters. So for my company Rafiky is an essential help for my multilingual events.

Debra. B

Switching to remote simultaneous interpreting has changed my business! Thanks to the collaboration with Rafiky I can organize conferences avoiding the organization of technicians and interpreters also the prices are very convenient for a service that offers the same quality. Highly Recommended!

John. W

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