Conference interpretation for large-scale international events

When it comes to a large-scale international event, the conference interpretation service may be necessary to hold a business meeting with your partners and your customers. Communication is the basis of all social, but also economic and commercial relationships. It is essential that, in order to convey a message effectively and with conviction, you rely on professionals specialized in the industry and native speakers of linguistic mediation. Conference interpreting is a kind of service that is generally used in large-scale events, where the number of participants is relatively high. But this also depends on which method you choose to provide the service. The interpreting activity can be consecutive, simultaneous or whispered. While conference consecutive and whispered interpreting (or chuchotage) suits best small events, simultaneous interpreting is the most suitable way for big events, as well as the most popular one. For example, for scientific congresses, press conferences or company meetings.

Beyond linguistic aspect for conference interpretation

The dialogue between interlocutors can loom in obstacles and problems, especially if the parts involved speak different languages. The distance between them goes beyond the purely linguistic aspect. Those who work in the field of interpreting and translation know how much the cultural and social factors must be understood and taken into consideration during a translation activity. The conference interpreting service consists of the transposition and localization of what is said by the speaker, addressing the final message to the audience. To this end, particular attention is paid to the technical and logistical aspects. The first is managed through the rental of specific equipment for interpreting, which allows a clear and linear transmission of the translation message and total isolation for the interpreter. Although this would require an expensive economic cost (incurred by the organizer) and a fairly long period of time needed to install the equipment and to carry out all the technical tests. The second aspect generally concerns the organization of the conference interpreter’s intervention. Therefore, it includes the travel and the availability of the interpreter in the location designated for the event. As long as the event is held in a large city or metropolis, such as Rome or Madrid, it ideally seems easier to find an interpreter right for your event. But if the event was held in a distant city – difficult to reach by public transport – then finding a conference interpreter could be even more difficult, if not impossible. Not to mention that, in the case of the conference and simultaneous interpreting, where two interpreters in the same booth are meant to alternate regularly for the whole duration of the event.

Rafiky’s solution by adopting remote conference interpreting

Therefore, the technical and logistical aspects often strongly affect the ease of organizing the event. It sometimes happens that companies spend numerous resources (time and money), to find an interpreter who is available to attend the event in person. Rafiky offers its remote interpreting services as a solution to the problem. The ease in finding professionals and their availability is no longer a cause for concern. The ability to operate remotely regardless of the place or location of the event, or how much time in advance you have to organize the intervention of these professionals.

Let’s say that the interpreter initially assigned to work in person can no longer be available. You would have no more the linguistic mediator you need. Rafiky offers you an equally valid, professional, and also economical alternative. Our interpreters will be able to provide conference interpreting services, connecting to the platform, from anywhere in the world and at any time. Without considering the fact that, thanks to our platform, there is no limit to the combination of languages ​​for translation and interpreting. Each simultaneous interpreter, who is part of the Rafiky team, is carefully prepared for such services.

A great solution, even much more easy, practical and effective!

Rafiky Press Office